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Solar System    

Solar Module is the core part of solar PV power systems, also is the highest value part of it. The function of Solar Module is to convert the sun's radiation to electrical energy, or transfer it to battery and store in it, or to drive the load running. The Product has been widely used in space and ground, it mainly used for power generation systems, charging systems, road lighting and traffic signs areas. It could offer a wide range of power and voltage, and with high conversion efficiency, and long service life.

Applied Scope :
  • Countryside and remote areas
  • Home and vacation villa
  • Railway signal
  • Beacon and beacon lights
  • Small-scale desalination
  • Small-scale irrigation pumping pumps
  • Emergency System
  • Emergency communication system
  • Street lighting system
  • Cathodic protection system
  • Vehicle and ship systems
  • Wind-Light complementary power supply system
  • Water quality and environmental
  • Data monitoring system
Main Characteristic :
  • First-class production technology and packaging technology.
  • Adopting the world's leading technology of silicon and polycrystalline silicon cells, power density, peak hours more battery power, higher conversion efficiency.
  • Beautiful, stable, easy to take down the anodic aluminum frame electric degrees and has a wind-resistant, anti-snow function.
  • After the minus reflection process of the battery surface, it increases the absorption rate.
  • By the high transmittance, low iron tempered glass, anti-aging of the EVA (polyethylene - vinyl acetate), high-performance crystalline silicon solar cells, good Weather resistance TPT (fluoroplastics composite membrane) by pyramid , has a good Weather resistance and anti-UV, hail, water-proof capacity.
  • Built-in bypass diode inside the junction box, which could prevent the effects dark spots of local damage to cells.
Prostar M Module bracket configuration:

The Solar module combines the Monocrystalline (polysilicon) solar cells in series,with a high current density and smaller size. The solar panels are aluminum alloy frame, the former board and backplane from laminated packaging; components on the metal frame has mounting holes, easy to use, and with the solid structure 3mm thick tempered glass front panel, it offered the high-performance protection for resisting the impact of environmental. And it has a high transmission rate of direct light and scattered light.
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